What is ePhysicianHealth?

As a comprehensive, physician wellness online resource, this program helps physicians, and medical students be resilient in their professional and personal lives.

Many studies have shown that the key to professional success is to have a strong foundation built on healthy routines that allow you to get enough fitness and nutrition.

It is especially important to have strong healthy habits prior to transitioning from medical school to residency.

eLearning Modules Available

  • weight
  • nutrition
  • fitness
  • work-life balance

ePhysicianHealth Goals

In case residents are having a tough time, which may be a result of the hours, lack of sleep, stress of work, or moving to a new place, amongst other things, our goal is to provide a few resources so they know they don’t have to tread alone.

We encourage everyone to take steps to ensure they don’t ‘burn out’.  The modules makes an effort to create social events to improve camaraderie amongst the residents but also to have fun, as we believe it’s important to nurture a healthy balance between work and social life.